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how are we different?

It's as easy as 1-2-3!


We’ve supported private and public businesses with communications and business development support for more than a decade.  


We’re not a fairweather communications company! While we have an office in Vancouver, our roots are far away from the bright lights. We know the power of an online presence, but we also know that good relationship is earned face-to-face. Chances are, someone from our team has been to your project in the summer and, yes, in the winter too:

  • We’ve driven the roads in northern British Columbia (Yes, Terrace is a 6-hour drive from Prince George)

  • We can tell you that -40C really is the same as -40F (They’re both darn c-c-old.)

  • We’ve seen the sun in Prince Rupert (Rare)

  • There are plenty of grizzly bears, north of Iskut (and mosquitoes, too)

  • We have many  “I drove the Pine Pass in winter” stories  


Most importantly, we choose well. We know that we're judged by the company we keep and we know that that we can trust our partners to make things right when mistakes are made. See our Partners Page

Ultimately, it's all about fit. Isn't it?

For us, we believe that the best value is gained through solutions drawn from local knowledge, and combining online / offline strategies.  

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